Our Schools

Appomattox County Public Schools

  • Fully Accredited by VA Department of Education for three years –
  • School Sports – Raiders
    • Football Team won their 2 A Division State Championship three years in a row
      • 2015 – 2016 – 2017
    • Wrestling Team won their first-ever Regional 2 Championship Feb. 2018
  • Explore our website and our four school websites.  Appomattox County is located in rural central Virginia. 
  • We provide public education to approximately 2200 students who are enrolled in our four schools in the school division. 
  • Those schools include Appomattox Primary School (Preschool – Grade 2)
  • Appomattox Elementary School (Grades 3-5)
  • Appomattox Middle School (Grades 6-8)
  • Appomattox County High School (Grades 9-12). 
  • We are proud to announce that all of our schools are fully accredited by the Virginia Department of Education for a third year in a row. 
  • We are one of 65 school divisions, out of 132 total division in Virginia, to have all schools fully accredited.  
  • We want our students to be motivated and hard workers in order to be career or college ready upon graduation.  ACPS aims to provide a high quality education for every child, filled with a wide range of academic, extra-curricular, and athletic opportunities.
  • This exemplifies the daily dedication of our teachers and staff.

Virginia Department of Education

  • Prince William middle school teacher appointed Virginia’s next Education Secretary

Virginia School Boards Association

  • www.VSBA.org      Appomattox County Public Schools is a paid member.
    • A voluntary, nonpartisan organization of Virginia school boards, promotes excellence in public education through advocacy, training and services.
      • Not really voluntary – All board members are required by VA law, to take an introductory course from this organization.  In order to take the course, the school district must be a member.
      • Not non-partisan – The National organization (NSBA) lobbied against the 2018 Tax Bill.
      • They advocate, and train, as to liberal issues.
      • They have lawyers and lobbyists on staff.
      • Virginia is right to work state, so is not required to join a union.  This organization is as close to a union as possible.
    • Apply on-line for Superintendent Position