2016 Presidential Voting Schedule


The full schedule of states’ primaries and caucuses. In most states, parties

vote on the same day. States that don’t are designated in parentheses.


Feb. 2: Iowa caucuses

Feb. 9: New Hampshire primary

Feb. 20: Nevada caucuses (D), South Carolina primary (R)

Feb. 23: Nevada caucuses (R)

Feb. 27: South Carolina primary (D)

March 1: Alabama primary, Alaska primary (R), Arkansas primary, Colorado caucuses, Georgia primary,

Massachusetts primary, Minnesota caucuses, Oklahoma primary, Tennessee primary, Texas primary,

Vermont primary, Virginia primary

March 5: Kansas caucuses, Kentucky caucuses (R), Louisiana primary, Maine caucuses (R), Nebraska caucuses (D)

March 6: Maine caucuses (D)

March 8: Hawaii caucuses (R), Idaho primary, Michigan primary, Mississippi primary

March 13: Puerto Rico primary (R)

March 15: Florida primary, Illinois primary, Missouri primary, North Carolina primary, Ohio primary

March 22: Arizona primary, Utah primary

March 26: Alaska caucuses (D), Hawaii caucuses (D),Washington caucuses (D)

April 5: Wisconsin primary

April 19: New York primary

April 26: Connecticut primary, Delaware primary, Maryland primary, Pennsylvania primary, Rhode Island primary

May 3: Indiana primary

May 10: Nebraska primary (R),West Virginia primary

May 17: Kentucky primary (D), Oregon primary

May 24: Washington primary (R)

June 5: Puerto Rico primary (D)

June 7: California primary, Montana primary, New Jersey primary, New Mexico primary, South Dakota primary

June 14: Washington, D.C., primary North Dakota primary

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