Why Refugees? By Michael D Funk

Have you ever stopped to consider why there are refugees? Why don’t they just stand together and fight back against an overly aggressive government such as ISIS? I believe the answer is fundamental to the freedom we enjoy here in the USA—a freedom we are dangerously close to losing if we make hasty emotional decisions based on recent human tragedies.

One of the safeguards we have been constitutionally guaranteed is the right to bear arms. Countries such as Syria and Iraq do not have this right. That means when a group such as ISIS forces its government on a people who do not have the means to protect themselves there are only two choices—be slaughtered or flee and seek asylum in another country.

The Second Amendment gives us a third choice—fight back. And, in fact, this is the primary reason it is part of our constitution. Some think that the reason we have it is only for recreational shooting and hunting. But those who think this way have not studied our history and do not understand why we became a nation to begin with. Nor how important it is to guard and protect the freedom we now have.

These freedoms are seriously under attack and it is entirely up to us whether we keep them in place or not. That means every American citizen must do his/her part in maintaining these freedoms for future generations to enjoy. Otherwise when our ‘well meaning’ government and liberal philosophies restrict these rights and even seek to eliminate the right through gun confiscation we are only one step away from having an out of control government take us over just like ISIS is doing in the Middle East.

That is why it is so important not to exploit these terrible tragedies for a political purpose that in the end will not serve the American people well. I urge you to think this thing through, change your mind about the issue if you need to and vote for those who will unequivocally support the US Constitution. And, in the meantime, let your elected officials know exactly where you stand on this issue. And if you haven’t yet taken a stand, now would be a great time to do so.


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