The Other Face of Terrorism

We live in a country where we embrace liberal democracy, gender equality, freedom of speech and individual freedoms, so we naïvely think that everyone who comes here has the same values. Wrong. Those are the very values that the Islamic terrorists abhor.
We must be aware that there are organizations and individuals right here in the United States who have exactly the same ideology as Boko Haram, the Taliban and ISIS. The only difference is these North American organizations are constrained to follow the law of the land.
In many instances, these subversive organizations have succeeded in suppressing free speech by aggressively intimidating institutions. Who can stand against a charge of ‘Islamophobia’? We should be able to stand in any public forum and discuss any issue. ISIS is Islamic? ISIS uses the Koran to justify slavery? ISIS uses the Koran to cut off the heads of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Bahia?
With Obama Care’s attack on freedom of religion, and candidate for POTUS Hillary Clinton’s advocacy eviscerating the 1st amendment to the Constitution in the interest of fund raising, our freedoms are under serious attack. When we can no longer express freely, then what other of the Bill of Rights will fall: Next the 2nd Amendment; then the 4th? It appears that we are on the way to surrender our most important rights. And with that surrender our freedom.
This threatening, silencing and censoring is the face of terrorism.

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