Get Out The VOTE!


This Tuesday is Election Day, and we need each and every one of you to get out and vote for our Republican team. Please call five friends to get out the vote.  And then have them call five.  Get the cascades of voters rolling!  We need every vote!

For eight long years, Democrats have held the U.S. Senate. They passed higher taxes, Obamacare, the sequester. All thanks to Mark Warner and the Democrats busily rubber stamping President Obama’s agenda. We need each and every Republican voter at the polls. We’re closer than we’ve ever been to stopping their liberal agenda, and every vote matters!

If we want to change Washington, we have to change our U.S. Senator. If we each do our part, we’ll do just that.  Be sure to vote for the Hurt-Gillespie team to change Washington.

Thank you for all that you do for our community!

Go vote!

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One Response to Get Out The VOTE!

  1. beowulftoo says:

    Congrats! Robert Hurt received 77% of voter approval in Appomattox, 61% overall in the 5th district. Ed Gillespie received nearly 69% and 48.5% overall in the commonwealth. Appomattox returned Ed with a nearly 2000 vote majority. Good job by all!

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